It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I guess that’s because I’m still without exciting material to post. Yes people, I’m still without an owl. It would be nice to fill the screen with my tales of Pottermore (and hopefully Hufflepuff), but alas, that is currently impossible. While I was working my 12-day hitch, I didn’t really mind because work kept me busy. The oil field never sleeps. But now that my 6 days off have arrived, it would have been nice to have received my email so that I could occupy the next week with Pottermore fun.

I still hope that I will receive my email soon, but as work kept me from registering til Day 5, I’m not really holding out for anything anytime soon. I just don’t have that much luck. … continue reading this entry.


How to Potterize Your Life

Are you finding your days just passing you by as you wait for that elusive Pottermore email? Are you sitting around twiddling your thumbs even though you’ve received your email but are stuck because Pottermore is down? Are you just wanting to add a little spice to your life? Then Potterize it!!

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How to Pickle a Wombat

WARNING: You have entered….the Wombat Zone

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Day 1 Adventures of the #NoOwlParty

Day 1 Randomness: 

So it’s been decided that in celebration of the fact that we have not received our welcome emails to Pottermore, we will combine Firewhiskey and Tequila into a drink called Dragonfire. And while we drink this concoction of death, we will have Backstreet Boys playing in the background:

“You are…my fire…”

This then brought on an entire Twitter conversation in which I relieved my youth. Yes, BSB was my first concert that I attended at the ripe, teenybopper age of 13. My poor father went with me.  He was a good sport.

It has begun!!

Anyway, moving onto more pressing issues: Pottermore is now open for the lucky round 1 recipients of the welcome email.  Unfortunately, I was not on of these lucky few.  The good news is letters have gone out, so hopefully I will be receiving mine soon.  We don’t know much about Pottermore aside from what some people have been posting around Twitter, and that’s okay with me. I’d like to have my own experience of the website, so I try to avoid any of the big spoilers.  The graphics, from what I have seen, look pretty stellar!

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Best House Ever? I think so!

I know, I know.  Hufflepuff was not the house you were expecting to be the focus of this post, which is exactly why it is.  I’m always interested to see what houses people will place themselves in.  It tells me a bit about that person, or at least, how they view themselves.  It never fails that whenever someone holds a poll about what houses people want to be sorted into, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin all battle for first while Hufflepuff lags way behind.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to be brave and daring or clever and witty or cunning?  Just and loyal? Booooooring.  It seems the phrase “nice guys finish last” rings true.

It’s funny, though, to observe people’s posts about the houses.  Usually I see posts about what houses people WANT to get sorted into.  Very seldom there will be a comment about a house someone does not want to be in…and most of the time…that house is Hufflepuff.  It’s one thing to rank a house 4th.  It’s another to say you don’t even want to be in the house.  Yes, I will be ecstatic if I get sorted into Hufflepuff, but honestly, I’m just happy to get in Pottermore.  I will be happy with any house and will begin my adventure wherever I am sorted.  So really….why the hate?

I believe there are a number of reasons why people tend to shy away from wanting to be classified as a Hufflepuff:

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